Haizel provides innovative chatbots that enagage your users like never before

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  • Transform your content enagement now
    Haizel is the only creator focused chatbot platform, enabling you to personalize your content & engagement like never before
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How we bring value

Why your audience will love us

We enable you to provide personalized content to your audience

🍽️ Personalized recommendations

Provide your audience with tailored recommendations based off their prefrences, needs or restrictions

♻️ Reduce Waste, Save πŸ’°Β and ⏰ 

Your audience can find recipes using ingredients they have at home, reducing food waste and eliminating those last-minute store runs

πŸ§‘πŸΎβ€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸΌ Connect on a deeper level

Your audience can engage in conversations with you through Haizel, allowing them to ask questions, seek cooking advice and receive personalized content

And you'll love us even more

Engage, monetize and create content like never before

πŸ’° Authentic Monetization

Increase engagement and revenue through affiliate links or by promoting your recipe book, all while maintaining a genuine connection with your audience

πŸ“Š Deep User Insights

Gain valuable data and insights by analyzing chatbot conversations, helping you refine your content strategy and create even more impactful recipes

πŸ”’ Improved Retention and Loyalty

Foster a vibrant community with Haizel, encouraging repeat visits, higher engagement, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations

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